Eye-Contact Tool

(BETA TEST) Eye-Contact/Auto-Translate application.

Windows App Link: https://www.cbhours.com/cbhours_eyecontact.exe

Web Link: https://www.cbhours.com/chat.php
(You should only use this if you aren't using windows)

This utility only works with Chaturbate.

This is a public beta test, please report any issues you find.

This utility uses webview2 which is like a mini microsoft edge browser, do not be alarmed if it prompts you to install it.

If you have issues with webview2 or the program opens a blank white window then try downloading webview2 directly at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=2124703

If you receieve a windows defender message stating it's an unrecognized app simply click the underlined "More Info" then run anyway.

WARNING: Cbhours does NOT recommend sharing your Chaturbate Events API key with others. This application only loads the initial page from cbhours after that the communication is just between you and CB (unless you use the google translate feature then of course it sends the page info to google for translation).

Main Features:

1. Designed to allow you to float your CB chat at the top of your screen and puts it in reverse order so that if your camera is above your monitor it looks like you are looking at the camera while reading the chat.

2. Combines all PMs, chat, tips, etc in one spot for easy management (read only, you can't use this tool to reply)

3. Google translate intergrated so if you do not speak english you now have a separate chat window where you can automatically translate to your language.

4. Mouse over usernames to see their thumbnail, mouse over emotes to see emote command, clicking name opens their page in a separate window (anonymously unless you login).


1. It can't see bot notices or social media purchases, so you will likely have to look at the normal chat to see what dice prize someone won or to remind yourself of a tip menu item.

2. You can't send responses, you can't kick/ban from the app either, the events api is read-only.

3. You must enter your Events API key each time, it is not saved, this is for security purposes.

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