About CB Hours!

A site dedicated to monitoring online time for chaturbate models.

Welcome to CB Hours a site dedicated to monitoring online time for chaturbate models. Turn off adblocker if you experience issues with links. Any issue with images not loading is on CB's end. The data is updated every 3 minutes but you have to hit refresh because it won't refresh automatically.

Gold Trophies are awarded to models with 120+ hours broadcasted in the last 30 days.
Silver Trophies are awarded to models with 70+ hours broadcasted in the last 30 days.
(Trophies are obtained in the "Search Database" section)

Models with over 600 hours broadcasted will not show up on the model lists.

Be advised that last 7 days and last 30 days does not cut off at the current time so for example if it were 6/7 at 5pm then last 7 days would not start counting on 5/31 at 5pm it would include the entire day of 5/31

You can contact me on twitter username rezzzocb or use the contact form to report any issues.

Heatmap Explanation

Chart goes from purple to red to yellow, yellow being most active time, purple being hardly seen online at that time. The colors match a numeric value 0-16, cb hours checks to see if the model is online every 15 minutes and the model gets 1 point every time she is seen online during that hour. It is possible for a model to get 4 points in each hour per day and since the chart is based on 4 weeks worth of data then the maximum amount of points each hour per day can have is 16.

Model In Need Explanation

Sometimes a special button will show up at the top of the page that will say "Model In Need: modelname" this is a model that I am certain is in need of users and tokens. These aren't models in first world countries with a ton of employment options. If they aren't online a lot it's because they don't own their own computer and are sharing with others. Sometimes I will put up a model that has recently left a studio and is starting over because thats always a very scary thing to do and they deserve our support. Idlers are welcome, every colored name in the room helps.

Update 10-16-2019: Added some mouse over tooltips to the search page results to better explain different aspects of the page.

Update 10-16-2019: In an effort to improve the experience for spanish viewers the search results page now pretranslates some sections into spanish to make the page look nicer.

Update 10-16-2019: Model in Need program is now smarter, it now takes into account the models current position on the CB list and if they are in a private or not then decides which model to display based on which M.I.N. models are online.

Update 10-15-2019: My 404 error log tells me you guys really really want to be able to type just cbhours.com/user/usernamehere without the .html after it. Your wish has been granted.

Update 10-9-2019: Fixed an issue where the cbhours model lists were not displaying correct time.

Update 10-6-2019: Fixed a new issue with the autocomplete on the initial and username not found search pages.

Update 10-6-2019: Huge backend changes, We are now using a triple host approach as followed:
Server 1: Main display server that loads the page, backup database server, pages pull data from main database and backup database.
Server 2: Main database server.
Server 3: Backup display server, pages pull data from main database only.
Main display server now supports SSL, no more pesky security notifications just because the search page has a form to type in a models name.

Update 10-5-2019: Added calender icon for models that don't have 70+ hours for a trophy

Update 7-30-2019: Fixed an issue with old names showing up in the search box autocomplete feature.

Update 5-19-2019: Made button text white instead of grey.

Update 5-16-2019: Updated non search pages with new design.

Update 5-5-2019: Removed the detection system that was previously added to the trophy page that would detect if a model was online but not being counted on cbhours to warn them that they may have turned off "appear on network sites" I removed this system because it would cause the page to stall every time CB was having issues.

Update 5-4-2019: Added autocomplete feature to model search box, this is pulling from a new database thats being built up since 5/4/2019 so some names won't be there yet.

Update 4-30-2019: Big redesign on the trophy page, other pages just got the new menu at the top but will be working on making the pages better looking in the very near future.

Update 4-21-2019: Since female and male categories are being archived for 24 hours I decided to add a time machine feature to let you rewind the original list up to 24 hours back. You can find the icon for this feature by visiting the female or male category and scrolling to the bottom of the 'original order' list and clicking the time rewind icon.

Update 4-18-2019: Added links to trophy pages to link back to the model, I apologize I did not realize I was getting so many direct links to trophy pages from google search results.

Update 4-16-2019: Big performance changes to websites female and male categories, the model list is now paginated but uses infinite scroll so you don't see the page changes, at first you may think that this will cause the model list to update between pages but we also added code to archive the entire set of pages for each 3 minute update for a full 24 hours! So unless it takes you 24 hours to browse the model list you are not going to experience an update to the model list unless you refresh. The website is also more mobile friendly.

Update 4-2-2019: New Model In Need feature test, this will occasionally show a model on the main menu that I know is in need of help. They may be in need of help for many reasons such as: low income, recently left a cam studio and is starting over, lives in a dangerous neighborhood, supporting family in need, etc.

Update 3-21-2019: Fixed a display issue with the timemap, in order for time to display correctly since time was recording in EST I had to change the time zone converter to add 4 hours to change to GMT then convert, this means that time history displays correctly for models in DST but models outside of DST shift an hour which is expected because time was recorded in DST but in the future time will be recorded in GMT and I will switch over to that system in about 28 days.

Update 2-20-2019: While trying different things to make the page more mobile friendly I realized IE/Edge is only stalling because of the code for sorting and filtering which I am only using for the search feature which I have disabled on IE/Edge anyway so now the page is IE/Edge friendly.....still not mobile friendly at all.

Update 2-17-2019: I don't recall exactly what day it was but I removed the istripper advertisement, people wherent interested in downloading a program from a porn site and although i know its a safe program I definitely understand not wanting to risk it

Update 2-10-2019: Doing a trial run of a banner advertisement, I hope this doesn't annoy anyone. I personally installed the istripper application myself and it seems like a quality product so far.

Update 2-5-2019: Updated better looking outbound links and added code to alert users with adblocker enabled that links to chaturbate may be broken by adblocker.

Update 2-5-2019: Added better looking URLs for search results, each model has their own /user/modelname.html now

Update 1-30-2019: Added AliExpress URL option in the social media button creator tool at a models request.

Update 12-12-2018: Data update interval moved from 2 minutes to 3 minutes, I had to make the change because with the new birthday code and the new heatmap code the processing time was approaching 2 minutes which would cause an overlap which could cause chaos.

Update 12-9-2018: Fixed code for tiny search icon so that it only opens the search results.

Update 12-8-2018: Added tiny little search icons next to the model names on the cbhours model lists, clicking these search icons will pull up the models database search results.

Update 12-7-2018: Added small text affiliate links to the bottom of every page for 3 other cam sites, MyFreeCams, Stripchat, Bonga Cams

Update 12-4-2018: Added new heatmap, monitoring started 11-27 around 2:20pm EST, this is a completely different time tracking system than the original and both of them will continue to run simultaneously. The new heatmap checks every 15 minutes if you are online then gives you a point if you are, it remembers these points for 28 days (4 weeks) so after the systems been up for 28 days if you are online every monday from 1pm to 2pm then that 1pm block on monday is going to show 16 points. The new heatmap automatically converts to visitors timezone so this will help all of your viewers in other countries determine your online time.

Update 11-27-2018: CBHours will now remember the date of the first time you show up in the birthday category and from that point forward it will ignore all other birthdates for you. This was done to prevent models from constantly changing their birthdays and yes there were quite a few of them. Apologize to couples for the inconvenience

Update 11-20-2018: Added new social media button creator, you can find it in the search database results in the trophy section.

Update 11-18-2018: Removed optional affiliate link that I added on 11-16-2018, some models were accidently copying that code thinking it was the trophy code.

Update 11-18-2018: Couple and Trans categories now have server side sorting.

Update 11-13-2018: Added new logo

Update 11-16-2018: Since there are many spanish speaking studio models using the trophy I added an optional affiliate link code under the trophy code if browser language is set to spanish. The code is only for studio models because if you don't work for a studio you should sign up for the affiliate program yourself, studio accounts aren't eligible for the affiliate program.

Update 11-13-2018: Added new logo

Update 11-3-2018: Added survey and contact form to website.

Update 10-20-2018: Warning for model being detected as online but not counted in CB hours will now only show if model was also offline yesterday, this is so the message is less likely to display if model just started broadcasting for the day.

Update 10-20-2018: Added code to database search results that tries to detect if a model recently (last 30 days) turned off "Appear on network sites" and displays a big warning and picture of where to enable it again.

Update 10-14-2018: Added trophy information link to search results for models under 70 hours.

Update 10-9-2018: Added a message to the bottom of the search page to help convince greys to buy tokens.

Update 9-30-2018: CBHours will now hide any models that exceed 600 hours a month. It is physically impossible for a single model to broadcast that many hours per month and all of the models currently hidden were either broadcasting a recording or broadcasting an empty room.

Update 9-29-2018: Male category sorting is now done server side, also removed search boxes in IE/Edge due to slow performance.

Update 9-29-2018: Female category sorting is now done server side so each sort method has its own page. This was done to make the site load better on slow devices and IE/Edge. I also removed sorting by name and usercount as they wherent being used and having the server sort by those methods was a waste of resources. In the near future I will also make these changes to the Male category, couple and trans do not need these changes as they have significantly less models.

Update 9-26-2018: Modified default cb affiliate links to show models offline page rather than directing to cb homepage when model goes offline.

Update 9-25-2018: Original trophy image sizes were renamed to cbhgoldlarge.png and cbhsilverlarge.png for those that want to keep the large trophy size.

Update 9-25-2018: Resized trophy images to be about 30% smaller so that the image doesn't prevent a user from adjusting stream volume.

Update 9-19-2018: Removed small space indent from trophy codes, I honestly don't remember why I added that.

Update 9-15-2018: Added code to new search box to convert spaces to underscores to avoid confusion.

Update 9-15-2018: It ended up being a models title having some invalid symbols that was breaking CB Api, they didn't fix it and I got tired of waiting so added extra code to clean chaturbates XML data before processing the information.

Update 9-15-2018: Added search database page instead of expecting users to manually change url to do the search. I also added code to not update cbhours if chaturbates XML api is corrupt which is why the model list is blank right now. If hours are missing today from database its because of chaturbates api problems today.

Update 9-09-2018: Added 3 letter day of the week abbreviation to offline search results to easily determine what days a model typically works.

Update 9-08-2018: Fixed an issue with the offline search flagging names that started with underscore as invalid. Apologies for any frustration that caused.

Update 9-05-2018: Added Silver Trophy image and link code to offline search results for models that have broadcasted 70 hours or more in last 30 days.

Update 9-04-2018: Added Gold Trophy image and link code to offline search results for models that have broadcasted 120 hours or more in last 30 days.

Update 8-31-2018: Banned miss_sugar for changing her birthday everyday.

Update 6-26-2018: Deleted xplor_my_body time record, how does cb not notice a girl on 1430+ minutes a day back to back? Does not respond in her chat either so obvious recording.

Update 6-24-2018: Deleted olddaddy**** time record, he set wrong gender and blocked what appeared to be every region so couldnt report him but had enough online time to show up at the top of the female list.

Update 6-24-2018: Added language to new thumbnail design.

Update 6-23-2018: Website now remembers last sort button pressed and will automatically sort via that button the next time you come back to the website or refresh.

Update 6-21-2018: *sigh* accidently destroyed the database by changing the wrong line of code, luckily I had a back up but lost about 1-2 hours worth of time. Update interval set back to 2 minutes.

Update 6-21-2018: Temporarily increased time between updates to 15 minutes while I do some database maintenance

Update 6-19-2018: Increased time between data updates to 2 minutes, the little server I use to process all the information then send it to this webhost is starting to slow down as the database grows and grows.

Update 6-19-2018: Search box on new design has been disabled for mobile devices due to performance issues.

Update 6-19-2018: Now all links aside from homepage use fancy grid layout. Homepage will eventually change but I want to give people plenty of warning before I switch.

Update 6-18-2018: Testing fancy new layout, old view still available at https://www.cbhours.com/text.php

Update 6-16-2018: Added filter to remove symbols from languages to prevent annoyances such as html code.

Update 6-13-2018: Just made a huge break through in optimization, 3000% better performance, setting interval down to 1 minute!

Update 6-13-2018: I forgot sometimes CB goes down, I have adjusted the update interval to every 5 minutes to keep the time more accurate.

Update 6-13-2018: I have removed the gender line and replaced it with language(s) as the gender line was pointless since I have different sections for the different genders listed.

Update 6-12-2018: Optimized some code, once 30 days of data is obtained I will see about lowering update time to something lower than 15 minute intervals.

Update 6-11-2018: I added extra code to check and see if its the models birthday and if so to put a tiny birthday cake next to their name.

Update 6-11-2018: mouse over images no longer auto refresh. It was unrealistic to hammer chaturbates server with thousands of image requests at the same time over and over. If CB server fails to provide image the first time it will retry until it gets the image.....so yay no broken images!

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