Best Tippers

Script designed to determine best tippers.

Welcome to the cbhours best tipper script, This script was created in javascript which is a client side language which means nothing you submit here is being transmitted to cbhours and its completely processed via your web browser so the only person that sees the information is you.

Update: You now have the option of exporting your token history at then copying the entire spreadsheet and pasting it in the box. If you see all the information in one column with a bunch of commas and quotes separating the information then follow this guide:

1. To get started open your token stats page at (This takes you to English CB page and it must remain in english for the script to work).

2. Select the text starting at the first date you want and go all the way to the token balance of the last date you want. One way of doing this is to hold shift and select the month of the first date you want then let go of shift and keep pushing END on your keyboard, once you have reached the desired end date hold down shift again and left click the spot to the right of the last token balance line then right click and copy text.

3. Come back here and paste the information in the box and hit start (huge amounts of data may take time to paste, be patient)

4. Once finished feel free to click the headers on the top of each table to sort by the different columns

Count Negative Values basically means you want to see outgoing token amounts for example lets say your best tipper is a model named Jimbo and for Jimbo's birthday you tipped him 1000 tokens, if count negative values is enabled you'll see an outgoing tip row showing the -1000 tokens and it will reduce 1000 tokens from the total tokens. You will also see outgoing tips even if the person you are tipping has never tipped you.

When pasting from excel if the username is missing which is very common for fan club membership the users will be listed as Unknown Users. Be aware that javascript is slow and it can take a while to process large amounts of data, if you receive a message from browser that page is not responding just ignore it or push wait. Switching tabs while the script is processing your information may cause this page to become blank but the script should still be running in the background processing all of your data.

Count Negative Values

Processing data... Please wait.

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